A West-Coast Take on Wearing Pastels

We’re bringing new perspectives and personalities to the Style Diary! Every week, a different member of our team will pen their own piece, giving you a little insight into who they are while sharing the must-know tips for the latest trends. First up is Lindsey Schuster, our NYC-based Marketing Manager.

Moving to a new city is never easy, but tailoring a Los Angeles wardrobe for New York’s aesthetic (not to mention weather) ranks pretty high on my list of challenges. A little background: as a California native and alumni of USC, I hit a point in my 20s where I just felt stuck. I resented the monotony of having the same job, living in the same city and even being in the same relationship I had been in since college. Time was flying by, and before I knew it I was 26–and ready to make a change.


Excited to take control of the remainder of my 20s, I decided to leave the West Coast for NYC. My ties to the city were substantial; from childhood visits to a summer internship during college, New York already felt familiar. Not only did my parents live here in their 20s, but my sister had recently moved to the city to pursue her career as a celebrity stylist. Feeling inspired by her ambition, I made the move.


Despite many prior trips to New York, my visits were just that — temporary time in a city with seasons that I specifically packed for. My wardrobe, which I had perfected for LA by now, was super versatile and could be worn year-round. It was not, however, equipped for seasonal dressing. But it’s about making what you have work, no matter your location, so I got creative.


One common thread between my California and New York clothing philosophy, though, is the value of versatility, since the seasons are short here. Not to mention the limited closet space! I also saw this as an opportunity to inject a little color into the typically all-black NYC uniform.


That’s why resort trends are particularly fun for me. I’m taking a cue from my West Coast roots in my approach to one of the season’s hottest trends: pastel. Whether you’re averse to color or ready to embrace it, you can easily incorporate gentle pastels into your look.


Test out the trend with a chic pastel top paired with your favorite denim and a pair of cool booties. If you’re ready to dive in, opt for a monochromatic pastel look.


Pastel dresses also get a green-light from us even though it’s cold out, so pull that dress out from the back of your closet. Give it a hint of NYC edge by styling it with your boots and an extra layer, like a turtleneck underneath or a cardigan on top.


Finally, you can still embrace the city’s all-black look and participate in this pretty trend. Accessorize with a pop of pastel, like a handbag or statement jewelry in sorbet shades.


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