Alex and Michael Toccin, the married couple behind Stylists to a T, are industry veterans that have long been known for their styling expertise. It was a natural next step for the pair to share their love of fashion by creating a style platform for women around the world.

Since launching Stylists to a T three years ago, Alex and Michael have become style editors for their community. They appreciate that the abundance of fashion content out there can be confusing and even overwhelming to many women, so they translate the industry news for them. Together, Alex and Michael provide friendly and approachable advice, making it easy for their followers to be both informed and fashion-forward. Their curated guide to the latest trends is a collection of thoughtful answers to three crucial questions: what to wear, how to wear it, and where to buy it.

Cultivating style beyond women’s fashion, Alex and Michael influence more than a woman’s wardrobe. Their community has come to see them as a source of inspiration for their overall aesthetic, with followers and clients alike requesting their style tips for all things baby, home and travel.

 Alex and Michael are dedicated to helping their readers feel chic, stylish and, most importantly, confident in their everyday lives.