Get to know Ashley Stark’s Style Down to a T at Saks

Get to know Ashley Stark’s Style Down to a T at Saks

Read more about Ashley in our interview below.

Q&A with Ashley Stark

Hello, my name is: Ashley Stark Kenner

I live in: NYC

My favorite city to shop in is: Paris

Occupation: Creative director and social media influencer for Stark Carpet

Marital status: Married

The three words that best describe my style are: Classic and timeless with an edge

My favorite brands are: Miu Miu, Chanel, Ulla Johnson

My favorite stores are: Barneys, The Webster, Net-a-Porter

My favorite thing in my closet right now is: My Balmain blazers

My style icon is: Kate moss mixed with Jackie O and Jane Birkin

The worst fad I participated in was: Low-cut tops

I feel best when I’m in: Bohemian skirts and a vintage tee

What are your favorite furniture pieces in your home: My vintage Laverne coffee table

Any styling suggestions when redecorating your home: Be bolder in accessories–they are an easy switch

Best furniture item to invest in: Coffee tables or lighting as they are easy to repurpose if you move

What piece do you start with when decorating a room: Rugs, of course

What are some kid-friendly suggestions you have for modern furniture: Keep it soft and comfortable


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