Gifting Flowers with Style

Gifting Flowers with Style

Finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones has been top of mind lately, especially as we also prepare for the holidays and baby T’s arrival! So when we were introduce to Venus et Fleur, we knew we had stumbled upon a gem and needed to share it with you ASAP. If you have a colleague or hostess friend who has a thing for roses, she is going to fall in love with their incredibly unique arrangements. Each case of flowers is presented in a box of your choosing, and the rose tops sit neatly side by side in the most gorgeous flower display you’ve ever seen. Not only that, but because of how they are set inside the box, they last up to a year! Yes, a year. Founded by couple, Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal, their initial goal was to create a luxurious flower company that is focused on quality and consistency. And they always ensure that no matter where you are, your flowers will arrive in the best condition possible. We think they’ve certainly succeeded! To explore their amazing rose collections, visit their website here.

Black Marble

Black Suede 


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