How to Wear Stripes in the Winter

We’re bringing new perspectives and personalities to the Style Diary! Every week, a different member of our team will pen their own piece, giving you a little insight into who they are while sharing the must-know tips for the latest trends. This week’s post comes from our co-founder, Alex Toccin.

If you’re like me, stripes evoke memories of warmer seasons past. They remind me of days on the beach and nautical-inspired nighttime looks. They also lean a little preppy, as opposed to my contemporary, clean-line personal preference. Lately, though, I’ve noticed so many interesting pieces that are making me change my mind about stripes during the winter.

Admittedly, stripes really are a trend that we see year-round, making an appearance on runways every season. Plus, stripes are probably the one pattern that everyone has in their closet in some shape or form. Whether it’s a swimsuit or beach coverup, a casual tee or cozy sweater, you’re likely to find at least one iteration in your wardrobe.

Instead of staying away from stripes this season, I’ve decided to embrace them, especially as I tire of my go-to winter duds. There are so many timeless silhouettes and styles for sporting stripes this winter. And, if you’ve been watching us this week, you might have noticed I’ve already started to incorporate them into my everyday looks.

Our verdict is in: you can wear stripes in the winter. Opt for a striped version next time you’re shopping for…

Knit Skirts
This is a great item to update for both the winter and summer months. Why? You can wear a midi-length knit skirt with a turtleneck in the winter, then switch it out for a tank in the summer. This look is the perfect balance between trendy yet comfortable. I always feel cozy yet stylish in a knit skirt, don’t you?

Top: Victor Glemaud // Skirt: Victor Glemaud 

This is the category that I was most excited about! Talk about having Spring on my mind.
After clicking through a few web pages of striped dresses, I was ready to book a trip to a warm destination, specifically donning a striped fitted dress. If you prefer a looser look, I’ve spotted plenty of flowy options as well. Either way, more is more: go for a dress with super colorful and bright stripes to make a statement.

Dress: Moschino // Bag: Cult Gaia

The striped sweater is a universal wardrobe staple, and blue and white is the color combo that most women find hiding in the back of their closets. While you can’t go wrong with that classic look, I’m going for something a little louder. This season, swap out your neutrals and have fun with resort’s “it” colors, especially bold neons and soft pastels. Remember, you can wear wide, broad stripes, not just those super skinny styles.


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