In Her Closet: Alexa Buckley & Sarah Pierson

In Her Closet: Alexa Buckley & Sarah Pierson

“In Her Closet” is a weekly feature on the women who inspire us in their careers, confidence, and of course, style. Each week a different influential woman will be featured, so tune in on Mondays for a peek inside their closet.
In Her Closet: Alexa Buckley & Sarah Pierson
Margaux is on a mission to democratize luxury footwear. Inspired by the spirit of American style and informed by smart design, Margaux’s classic styles have been re-engineered with best-in-class technical design, allowing for shoes that are as beautiful as they are comfortable. And because we know that one size doesn’t fit all, our shoes come in an extended range of sizes and widths—meaning there’s a perfect fit for everyone.
Today we are taking a peek into the fashionable closets of Margaux founders, Alexa & Sarah!
What is the one item in your closet you can’t live without?

A: This time of year, it’s our City Sandal in Rose Nappa. It is the epitome of a wear-everywhere shoe. I wear mine as easily on my mile-long walk to the office as I do on a dance floor–and everywhere in between.

S: Our Ballet Pink Demi—Our tried-and-true ballet flat in the ultimate neutral.

What item are you loving for under $200?

A: This tote by Kule. They make the best bags. They’re whimsical and substantial–and now more than ever I love this ode to New York.

S: Agolde’s nineties-inspired Riley jean is the perfect jean: It has a super flattering cut, and a classic light wash reminiscent of a great pair of vintage Levis.


What is your “it” accessory for the season?

A: A great pair of earrings. Even if we might not be “going” anywhere right now, I find the addition of a pair like these from Annie Costello Brown adds energy to any outfit.

S: During the summer, I live in these Illesteva shades, a packable Janessa Leone straw hat, and the ultimate accessory—SPF! Chantecaille’s lightweight priming sunscreen works for even the most sensitive skin, and primes for any makeup you might layer on top.


What are you eyeing for summer?

A: This beautifully simple dress by Cult Gaia. Right now I’m drawn to versatile pieces that I can turn to again and again to make me feel polished and comfortable at home.

S: This dreamy dress by Coco Shop, a beautiful Antiguan resort-wear brand that was recently revived by a good friend. She mixes new and archival prints and silhouettes in a thoroughly modern way, and these breezy pieces feel like an escape—even if you aren’t leaving home.


Your go-to layering piece?

A: A cropped denim jacket. It’s my favorite layering piece during warmer months. Whether I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a breezy summer dress, I always bring a denim jacket as a just-in-case layer to throw on as the night begins to cool.

S: The best layered looks often include (or require) a chic belt. I recently discovered Maison Boinet’s collection of classic-but-cool belts and keep them on constant rotation, like this one.

Favorite pair of shoes in your closet?

A: My Demi ballerinas in Saddle! I live in them.

S: Apart from my beloved Demis, I also adore our City Sandal for summer. The 2.5-inch block heel is truly more comfortable than a flat, and is infinitely walkable: They’ve just arrived in punchy new spring colors, too! Alexa and I are both loving this fun fuchsia shade.


Speed Round Q+A

Q: My weekend ritual is?

A: As we navigate this “new normal”, we’ve found it increasingly difficult but perhaps more important than ever to carve out time away from our screens to unplug and think creatively. For me, this has taken the form of reading in the mornings, long hikes in the afternoons, and cooking big dinners with my family followed by games and movies into the night.

S: Lately, weekends and weekdays have blurred together as I’ve been working from my childhood home in Florida. While it’s tempting—and sometimes unavoidable—to answer emails and catch up on unfinished work outside of the workweek, I’ve been diligent about putting away my phone and email so that I have the opportunity to unplug and recharge. I’ve also been making a point to make the weekends feel special by celebrating this slower pace of life and adding little rituals—like pancakes on Sunday mornings—to our weekend routine.

Q: My favorite form of self-care is?

A: Getting outside. I love to finish my day with a walk and a podcast, or a long hike in the woods with our puppies. It helps to punctuate the “end” of the workday for me, and gives me an hour to step out the weeds and think creatively.

S: Taking time during the work week to be active —As difficult as it can be sometimes to squeeze it in! I’ve been using Barre3’s online workouts to keep me feeling balanced and strong virtually. And when I’m home in New York, I frequent Y7 for hot vinyasa, or walk and run along the Westside. Especially as work has become increasingly and nor entirely virtual, I find that my body craves the activity and that my mind requires it: For me, there’s no better antidote to stress or anxiety than to work it out.

Q: Best trip I went on was?

A: A hiking trip through the Engadin region of Switzerland. The landscape is breathtaking and though I’m most certainly an amateur hiker, being so far off the grid with my family was as restorative as it was fun. My memories from this trip are among some of my very favorite we have together.

S: To Patmos, Greece last summer. It’s a weird, wild island on the eastern edge of the Greek islands. It was a journey to get there, but what I love so much about the island is how simple it is: Sand-floored restaurants and tavernas, crystalline water, and nearly every hour of the day spent outside.

Q: Favorite Margaux moment to date is?

A: A dinner we held for customers this past fall at our pop-up in Washington, DC. We decided that instead of throwing a party for the press, we would host an intimate dinner for a small group of our DC customers to introduce ourselves, and say thank you. We had no idea what to expect as we nervously laid out the hand-drawn menus (by Sarah) and thoughtfully assembled gift bags (by Lindsay, our Director of Retail) and the night blew us away. Seeing so many women of different ages, backgrounds, and industries gathered around a table laughing and sharing stories of the places they’ve gone in Margaux gave us enough energy to fuel us through the rest of the year and beyond. Our customers are our priority in everything we do, and getting to meet even a small group of them brought us back to the essence of what we’re building and why we’re building it.

S: When we opened our Bleecker Street flagship, our first permanent store in New York’s West Village. It’s a jewel-box of a space—all of 400 square feet—and when we threw our opening party nearly 200 people showed up to celebrate! Needless to say we did not all fit inside, and so instead our opening party became a block party. It was a beautiful July night; we had music playing, Morgenstern’s scooping ice cream on the sidewalk, and all of our closest friends around. It was perfect.

Q: My mantra is?

A: Never stop learning

S: The difference is in the details!


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