In Her Closet: Blake Geffen

In Her Closet: Blake Geffen

“In Her Closet” is a weekly feature on the women who inspire us in their careers, confidence, and of course, style. Each week a different influential woman will be featured, so tune in on Mondays for a peek inside their closet.

In Her Closet: Blake Geffen

Blake Geffen is a New York native, new mother, and founder of Vivrelle, a membership club that provides users access to a dream closet of designer accessories and diamonds. Before founding her company, she worked in fashion public relations and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Boston University.

What is your favorite handbag in your closet: Well, one of the many reasons I started vivrelle was because I’m a huge handbag fanatic and could never pick just one! But if I had to, it would be this Boy Bag – it’s a fun take on a classic Black bag!

What item are you loving for under $200: Someone recently bought me these bracelets with my daughters name on them as a gift. They are simple, but so meaningful and bring me happiness every time I look down at my wrist! I also love my Juju + Stitch sweatshirt. Cozy and similarly, brings me so much happiness just with the simple script writing of my daughters nickname.

What is your “it” accessory for the season: Being cooped up inside makes me dream about summer and everything I’ll be wearing once the weather officially changes. Chanel makes so many fun summer bags, I cannot wait to wear! I think I’m most excited for this new one we just added to Vivrelle.

What are you eyeing for Summer: I LOVE a good shoe and these Dior sandals definitely have my name on them!

Your go-to layering piece: When in doubt, I always throw on my Cami NYC bodysuit. It’s pretty much the perfect shirt no matter the occasion.


Speed Round Q+A

Q: Best advice when investing in your first designer handbag?

A: My best advice is become a Vivrelle member and try before you buy! And of course if you don’t want to be committed to a single bag, that is the beauty of our membership as well. You have an unlimited extension to your closet for a reasonable flat monthly fee. 

Q: My first job was?

A: When I was 13 I was so excited that I was able to work that I took jobs at two stores! One was a popular boutique in my neighborhood – I got the best discount and came home with new clothes every weekend. The second was a kids clothing store. I have always loved little kids/baby clothes – how could you not?

Q: My weekend ritual is? 

A: Before or after quarantine? Life is looking a bit different now, but weekends have and will always consist of family time. We’re out on Long Island currently and our almost 8 month old daughter is loving absolutely everything about this spring weather, so we try and spend as much time outside as possible! Saturdays also always find some time for a quick workout, and Sunday’s tend to be my “day off”!

Q: My favorite form of self-care is? 

A: Working out! I really try hard to at least have 30 minutes to myself each day to do some form of exercise. Even if it is just a quick and easy one.

Q: Best trip I went on was?

A: My honeymoon! We spent three weeks traveling around Asia and took every minute to enjoy knowing it would probably be the first and only three week vacation we would be on – at least for a very long time.

Q: The first handbag I splurged on was? 

A: When I was 21, I saved all of my money from working at the clothing stores and bought myself a black Chanel crossbody. I wish there was Vivrelle back then!


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