In Her Closet: Dr. Rita Linkner

In Her Closet: Dr. Rita Linkner

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In Her Closet: Dr. Rita Linkner

My name is Rita V. Linkner, and I am a Board-certified Dermatologist who specializes in Cosmetics. I’m a New Yorker and the daughter of two immigrants from India, who came to the City decades ago to pursue their dreams. I graduated high school from Horace Mann, and my college career was spent majoring in Biology at Johns Hopkins University. I tell my patients that spending four years in Florida getting my medical school degree from the University of Miami was the best four years of my life. Partly, because Miami is where I met my husband, Evan. Together we have two kids, our son, Asher, and our daughter, Loni. When I am not seeing patients, you can find me juggling entrepreneurial pursuits with motherhood.

What have you been living in this winter: My Moussy Jeans, I wear them to see patients to cocktail hour to dinner and don’t think twice about it.  They are just that versatile. 

What item are you loving for under $200: Faux Leather Legging from Aritzia

What is your “it” accessory for the season: Barton Perreira  glasses

What are you eyeing for spring: Maison Michel straw fedora hat

Your go-to layering piece: Faux fur vest

Speed Round Q+A

Q: The one thing I can’t travel without is

A: Best lymphatic face massager I’ve ever found; can be put in hot or cold water to add a temperature element to your morning time facial massage.  Provides a nice reset button in the mornings when I find myself puffy when I travel.  

Q: Best advice to keep your skin youthful?

A: When you turn 30, start upgrading your skincare with products that truly anti-age you.  My favorite daytime serum to finish off my face is Alastin’s Restorative Complex.  It has technology within it to build back your skin’s elastin reserve, which is what keeps your skin looking and feeling like a three year old’s.  It also has a dewy finish from a mushroom extract in the serum, so it just gives me the most perfect glow to your day. 

Q: My favorite form of self care is

A: RVL Skincare is my go to day prepping my skin for my work day and then properly removing makeup from my face at night.  Right now in the Winter with the lower humidity levels and temperatures, I rely on my Pre-Game Pads every morning to prep my face for the day.  These are straight glycolic acid based toner pads that provide an instant glow.  At night, I use my Sensitive Skin toner pads to take the day off my face while properly exfoliating my skin.  These pads are a combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that preventing whitehead/blackhead acne as well as anti-age your skin.  This is the first step of my nighttime skincare routine.    

Q: Currently reading

A: Permanent Record. Written by a friend who is in the process of turning her NYT best seller into screenplay to be produced by Warner Bros.  I love easy reading and if you make it YA, you got me good. 

Q: I never leave my house without

A: Sunscreen on. I know this sounds so typical of a dermatologist but it’s the reason my skin looks as uniform as it does at 36.  I like Alastin’s Hydratine for the work week because it blocks infrared heat that comes off of computer screens and Iphone.  I use EltaMD’s UV Clear in the non-tinted form on vacation on myself and on the kids.  It’s nice to use untinted SPF on vacation so you really can see where you have applied it and where you have missed; it also washed off of bathing suits easier, that’s a Mom tip.  


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