Manolo Must-Haves

Manolo Must-Haves

We recently have the pleasure of shooting in one of our favorite stores on Upper East Side in Manhattan: Manolo Blahnik. Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw this brand is a household name and continues to carry the highest quality footwear around. Their gem of a store has such a large assortment of items from shoes to belts to clutches, as well as an incredibly warm and welcoming staff to make the whole shopping experience perfect. Naturally, we had so much fun exploring their collection and picking out the perfect footwear for all summer occasions.

Here are the Manolos we loved most and how we styled them.

The Zebra Pump. We paired these pumps with a bold, blue midi dress. The Zebra BB is inspired by the bold graphic stripes of one of Africa’s most magnificent animals juxtaposed with the block colors of tribal African art.

The Leopard Sandal. We paired this print with a floral dress to add a mix of elements to the look. Mr. Blahnik has said before of the shoe, ‘It’s light, it shows a lot of leg, and it’s barely there!’.

The Black & Gold Strappy Heel. We paired these beauties back to a fun striped rainbow dress. These shoes are inspired by the disco era in London which Mr Blahnik says was filled with freedom and hope.

Dress: Rixo London // Shoes: Manolo Blahnik // Jewelry: Lissa Jewelry

Dress: Goen J //  Shoes: Manolo Blahnik // Jewelry: Lissa Jewelry  



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