New Book Calls For a New Look for Joy Bauer

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Q&A with Joy Bauer

Hello, my name is: Joy Bauer

I live in: Westchester, NY

My favorite city to shop in is: New York City!

Occupation: Health and wellness expert (nutritionist, writer, chef)

Marital status: Very happily married

The three words that best describe my style are: Unpredictable, because I like all sorts of styles. But in general, I gravitate towards a tailored, colorful and vibrant look

My favorite brands are: Rag and Bone, Stuart Weitzman, Dolce & Gabbana

My favorite stores are: Saks, Barneys, Kirna Zabete, Jennifer Miller

My favorite thing in my closet right now is: A pink fuschia suit that I snagged in Portofino!

My style icon is: My 23-year-old daughter Jesse!

The worst fad I participated in was: Leg warmers, spandex and shoulder pads (yikes!)

I feel best when I’m in: Something fashionable and comfortable at the same time

Favorite recipe from Joy’s Simple Food Remedies: That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child! I’d have to narrow it down to Kale Pasta Pesto, Dill French Fries, Pizza Peppers, Orange-Chamomile Blondies, Pumpkins Chili, and Ginger Turmeric Cherry Tea. But really, I love all of them 😉

Favorite food to indulge in: A tie between pizza and ice cream!

My favorite restaurants are: Whatever restaurant I’m eating at when I’m hungry! But to name a few amazing standouts, Zahav in Philly, Strainer in Portofino, Farmstead in Napa, Candle Café and ABC Kitchen in New York City. Also, FJ Pine in the Bronx!

Type of cuisine that I enjoy most is: All things seafood, and bring on the spice!


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