Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Alex and Michael met on their first day of college at GWU and the rest is really history. In honor of their 8th wedding anniversary, Alex and Michael answered a questionnaire about each other! Read below for all their answers:


What was your first impression of Michael/Alex?

M: She was cute.

A: He was so handsome! I was lucky to be able to talk to him.

What is your favorite piece in Michael/Alex closet?

M: This black and white hard Chanel clutch that my grandmother gave Alex.

A: He has a pair of his late grandfather’s loafers that sit front and center in his closet.

What is your favorite thing to do with Michael/Alex?

M: When we ever have down time, I like to tackle Alex on the couch and love to laugh with her.

A: Honestly, this is so cheesy, but when we have a crazy day or week we just lay on the floor in our bedroom together and laugh.

What is your biggest pet peeve about Alex/Michael?

M: Her type A personality.

A: Well now that we work together, I would say his typing on the computer 😉

What is one of your funniest travel moments together?

M: Losing our passports in Cambodia and having to smuggle ourselves on the plane without identification.

A: We love to travel, it is definitely one of our favorite things to do and we are such good companions when it comes to traveling. We have had so many funny moments, but I would have to say the funniest part of traveling is usually our flights. The conversations we have on them and sometimes even the people we meet.

What is one thing that Michael/Alex does that makes you laugh?

M: Her skittling in the morning around our apartment.

A: What do you mean, he always makes me laugh!

What does Michael/Alex dream day look like?

M: Working out, either sitting on a beach – no, I’ll tell you what it is, going on a boat in Capri, having an amazing lunch at Lo Scoglio, shopping, going for dinner, and then dancing on the tables at Anema e Core OR being in Aspen in her spa-like mode.

A: Most recently with it being Winter, our dream day consists of waking up on a beach with Liv and having breakfast, lunch and dinner right by the water.

Explain your favorite/least favorite part of working together?

M: Favorite part of working together is that we can adjust the schedule however we want. Least favorite is our difference in personality sometimes clash, especially when we are in such a creative environment and Alex is so type A.

A: Favorite Part: That I get to be with Michael 24/7. Least Favorite: That I am not always right and have to accept that.

Who does Liv look like and who’s personality does she have?

M: We think she looks like Alex, and she has my personality.

A: She has a mixture for sure! Michael’s humor and my seriousness.


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