Q+A: What It’s Really Like Working Together

The question we most frequently get from our friends and followers is, “what is it really like working with your spouse?” Our marketing manager, Lindsey, came up with some questions and we are giving you the scoop on what is like to work together:


Q: When did the idea of working together come about?

M: It wasn’t really a choice. Alex came up with the idea and needed my creative so it came alive!

A: 3.5 years ago. It was January and we were in the middle of a snow storm and had to be inside for three days. We were brainstorming different ideas of businesses that were interesting to us and came up with this idea.


Q: What were your biggest concerns about going into business together?

M: Separating business and pleasure.

A: That we wouldn’t have time to turn off and just be us.


Q: Can you explain your roles at Stylists to a T?

M: I am the creative, stylists, and negotiator.

A:  I am the face of the brand, CFO and business woman of our dynamic duo.


Q: How do you separate your work and personal life?

M: We really try to take the weekends off if possible, however I feel we always are on… as we don’t consider what we do work as we love what we do.

A: We really try to spend our weekends together as a family and try not to work. Also, we love to travel and when we do we try to unplug, even though we may be taking you along our trip via instagram.


Q: You guys work together in many capacities, as husband and wife, parents and business partners. Which is the most challenging?

M: Business is definitely the most challenging, as we sometimes have different visions and priorities.

A:  Working together, we are both so passionate about our work and sometimes can disagree because we just want to be a success.


Q: Biggest pet peeve about working with the other?

M: At times her type A personality!

A: When he bangs on his keyboard and talks really loud on the phone.


Q: What have you learned about the other from working together?

M: We have learned our strengths and weakness; and know how to build eachother up.

A: We are a super strong couple and can really get through anything together.


Q: Can you tell us a time that you have been most proud of the other?

M: I am ALWAYS proud of Alex! She is the most amazing wife, mom, and business partner. She has the biggest heart!

A: We have something really exciting to share coming up this Fall!


Q: What is the best memory you have of working together?

M: Everyday adds another memory of working together as its quite a good show at our offices!

A: Honestly, everyday we get to wake up and work together, even the toughest ones, we have one or two good laughs throughout the day that make us have the best memories.



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