Stylists to a T Live #25: Go to Guide for Shopping With us

Stylists to a T Live #25: Go to Guide for Shopping With us


We’ve been curating an online boutique behind the scenes to make shopping for you and your loved ones super easy–and it’s finally live! Below you’ll find 2 ways to shop our seasonal favorites.

Via Our Website:

  • Within any blog post, you can click on the pink text and you will be redirected to the product that is mentioned so you can shop it
  • Underneath the photos in each blog post you can also find all of the brand information. Simply select the brand name (pink text) or the rotating photos above the links, and you’ll be brought a page to shop it
  • Shop our boutique (holiday boutique) you can shop this just by clicking on any of the photos there.
  • Shop investment or under $200 options (click on the photos in the scroll box)
  • At the bottom of every blog post, you will see items listed in varying price points. Simple click on the photo or link for each item to shop.

Via Instagram:

  • To easily click and shop our Instagram feed, download the app and create an account
  • Every photo that you like or take a screenshot of will be automatically saved to your account so that you can shop it right from there.
  • You can also visit our website under the Shop section and select “Shop our Instagram” to shop every photo on our feed
  • You can also swipe up in our Instagram stories to shop that item directly

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