The New Jean Jacket

The New Jean Jacket

It’s no secret that a denim jacket is a spring and summer staple. However, when we’re in search of something fresh and fun, which brand breathes new life into this core piece of outerwear? The clear answer is: Samantha Sipos. If you’ve been following along with us here, you’ve probably seen us feature this designer’s amazing leather jackets. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce their new line of denim jackets. This is the outerwear brand that creates pieces you cannot live without, and this new collection is no different.

Whether you’re headed to the gym, out to dinner, or on a trip, this is the jacket you’ll reach for over and over again, simply because it’s so unique, and goes with everything. Founded by the young and energetic Samantha Sipos, this line was designed with the every girl in mind, in a way that gives her the freedom to wear it her way. Whether you lean in the direction of preppy, boho, edgy, or minimalist, the detailing and design of her timeless pieces easily blends with your unique personal style. Check out her amazing collection of jackets here.


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