Tip #11: Our Athleisure Pick — White Sneakers

Tip #11: Our Athleisure Pick — White Sneakers

While sandals and heels are summer’s preferred footwear, there’s nothing better than having a clean, white pair of sneakers to slip into when you’re in the mood for comfort. Over the past few seasons, we’ve been keeping an eye on this sneaker trend and have found that designers and celebrities alike all have a pair they’re in love with. They can be worn to make dresses and skirts feel a bit more casual or with a classic pair of denim with a t-shirt. Curious which brand is our favorite? Golden Goose. Alex has a few pairs that she wears running errands or while en route to a vacation destination. Here are other brands we love as well at different price points: Common Projects and Superga.

Alex2 (38 of 529)

Alex2 (36 of 529)



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  1. Love the sneakers. A very clean look and casual. Love all the denim. Dresses shirt such a classic look. Alex looks great and carrys herself so great in everything she is wearing.