Trend Report: Classic Kids Photography

Trend Report: Classic Kids Photography

What is Classic Kids Photography? More than a regular photography studio in New York City

What was your experience like? So memorable, working with Classic Kids was really a morning that we will never forget. Whenever I had been on the Upper East Side, I had always passed by Classic Kids and noticed how gorgeous and real the portraits of the kids and family photos were in their windows. I reached out to them this Fall to see if we could work together on a holiday/new years shoot with our family. As Liv had been in front of the camera (even before she was born) around our apartment, we really had never taken formal family photos and I knew it was time that we experienced this all together. And one of the best things of our morning with Classic Kids was that both the photographer (Lindsay) and her assistant (Maggie) were so passionate and happy about making this first time experience one that was fun, creative and so memorable.  They were able to capture expressions of Liv that I didn’t even think was possible.

What kind of things do they do to get your child’s attention? This was the part that I was beyond impressed with. As Liv is almost 2 years old you can imagine her attention span not being long nor being comfortable in front of the bright lights. They are specialists when it comes to making the photoshoots a relaxed environment by being kid wranglers, artists, psychologists, giggle experts, stylists, and so much more. We walked out of our session with Liv learning how to tell both of us where she wants us to sit.

How long does the appointment last for? Ours lasted for two hours. Liv’s attention was a bit all over the place so we had to be patient.

How long is the whole process until you receive your images? It is definitely a busy time of year for them, but the turn- around time has been very quick. It will be 4 weeks total.

What services do they offer? The most gorgeous photographic prints that will be long lasting! There are so many great ideas available on their site here:

Where are they located? They have a couple of domestic locations. We went to the one on the Upper East Side in New York.

How much is it? Varies depending on the package that you are interested in.

Are they offering a discount? They will be offering a special mini session through January 2020 that will use the special birch backdrop and one more background, great for those who didn’t make it in time for Christmas or Hanukkah cards.

Would you suggest this as a great holiday gift or gift for special ocassion? Absolutely, this is the gift for everyone and all year round. I know life gets busy and you have all of these incredible photos on your phone, but there is nothing like having a family photo/family album that you can look at each and every day.


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