Trend Report: Dressing Up

Trend Report: Dressing Up

Holidays are approaching before we know it and why not dress to impress! Everyone wants to feel strong, sexy and feminine!

What you wear can change your mood and attitude especially when putting on a sparkly dress or a big puff sleeve. When choosing what to wear when going out to dinner, on a date or to a family event, feeling your best is a necessity.

There are so many bold, dressy and trendy outfits that you can wear while looking amazing and feeling like a boss babe! Have a good time when getting dressed, and grab a dress with a trendy print or asymmetrical hem or a statement belt – you won’t regret it! See some of our faves below to be dressed to a T this holiday season:


Patbo via Club Prive


Way via Wylie Grey


Patbo via Club Prive

Ronny Kobo via Dress with Jess

Haney via Hartly



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